Norpoint Soccer Club Administraton (Board of Directors)

Norpoint Soccer Club is administered by a volunteer Board of Directors that consists of 5 elected Executive Officers and up to 12 appointed officers. All club members are encouraged to participate in this volunteer-based organization. Please contact any existing board member if you are interested in helping out.

Elections for Executive Board Positions are held at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), which during the December board meeting. Board Meetings as scheduled for 6pm on the first Wednesday of every month (unless otherwise scheduled), and are typically held at the Brown's Point Improvement Club (BPIC) during the season and an alternate location in the off-season. During the season, coaches and club member's meeting immediately following the board meeting from 7-8pm.

Following are the current volunteer members on the board:

Executive Board (elected officers)

Club President

Greg Franklin

Club Vice President

Ronald Reardon

The Club Vice President is responsible for managing all Ethics issues inside the club. As issues arise, the VP reviews and acts as needed, according to the club by-laws. The Club VP also supports the President and attends monthly league meetings (TPCJSA).

Club Manager

Adam Iwaszuk

The Club Manager is responsible for club events, communications, and oversees fundraising events and activities like Opening Day, Spiritwear and other fundraising events. The Club Manager is the point-of-contact for all team's Club Contacts.

Equipment Chair

Brent Klovdahl

The Club Equipment Chair is responsible for ordering all uniforms for the Micro through U-10 and t-shirts for the Spring Mod program. The Equipment Chair also purchases club equipment as needed for soccer fields like marker paint, corner flags, goals, and nets.

Board of Directors (appointed officers)


A. Dillon


J. Mikos

The Club Treasurer is responsible for managing club funds at the direction of the Board. The treasurer receives club revenues and pays out all expenses. The Treasurer is also responsible for all tax related activities for the club.


Lisa Branson-Garcia

The Club Registrar is responsible for rostering players to a team. The Registrar also ensures that roster size, rules, and regulations are followed.

Fields Chair

Daniel Garcia

Games Chair

Ronald Reardon

Select Chair


Mod-Rec Chair

Brent Klovdahl

Micro Chair

Regina Clark-Bailey

Mod Referee Chair

Adam Ashby

Lighthouse Cup Director

Pat Muir

Club Webmaster Chair

Julie Reardon

The Club's Webmaster is responsible for regular upkeep, maintenance and functionality of This includes interfacing with the website vendor to ensure that the site is up and properly integrated with registration functions and linked resources.