Norpoint Field Maintenance Information & Schedules

The fields of Norpoint Soccer Club are maintained by our volunteer organization, which likely includes you. It is important that teams keep their lines clean and visible. All fields are measured and lined during the ALL-CLUB FIELD DAY at the beginning of the season.

During the Season, all Norpoint fields must be repainted weekly, between the last Thursday Practice and the first Saturday Game each week. This does not need to be the responsibility of the coach. However, every team must have at least one person that participates in keeping Fields lined.

In addition to keeping our fields properly lined. The first team to play each Saturday must net the goals and install corner flags. If you are playing at the Meeker fields, you must also install the Sponsor Flags. The last team to play each Saturday must take the field equipment down and lock it up. It is the responsibility of teams to communicate in order to ensure field equipment gets put up and taken down.

All teams must remove any garbage from their field at the conclusion of games and practices.

Meeker Middle School (U11-U18; Games U7-U18)

Brown's Point Elementary (Practice U9-U10)

Brown's Point Playfield at Curly Slide Park (Practice U7-U8)

NE Tacoma Elementary Playfield (Micro U6)

  • Coaches: Contact Micro Chair for shed-lock combination & field layout/size.
  • Field Location & Map
  • Spray cans & Paint machines are located in shed at Brown's Point.
  • Each micro team provides one popup goal and two cones for corners.
  • NE Tacoma Elementary Field Questions?... please contact MIcro Chair.