Norpoint Lighthouse Cup Tournament Details

The Lighthouse Cup is designed to be a competitive soccer tournament for recreation teams U-11 to U-15, both boys and girls. All teams will be guaranteed three games. The actual number of games will depend on the number of teams playing in the age group.

Dates: The tournament will be held on August 28 - 30 in NE Tacoma, Washington at the Meeker and Browns Point Soccer Complex. The tournament will officially start at 12:00 noon on Friday, Aug 28. All teams must be checked in at Registration one hour prior to their first game. Registration will close at noon on Saturday, Aug 15. The tournament is expected to end on or about 4:00pm on Sunday, August 24.

Tournament Contact: The tournament Director and contact for information: Patrick Muir at . The referee assigner is Jon Robinson at

Entry Fee: The entry fee is $325 per team (less $25 if all paper work and monies are received on or before July 31, 2015).

Entry Deadline: The entry deadline for all monies and paperwork is August 15, 2015. Notice of acceptance will be e-mailed by August 18, 2015.

Refund Policy: Teams withdrawing after August 1st, 2015, will forfeit their entire entry fee. All teams not accepted into the tournament will receive a full refund. In the event of the tournament cancellation, all monies will be returned.

Selection Criteria: The selection committee's decisions will be based on the following criteria:

First - TPCJSA Soccer teams

Second - All other recreational soccer teams

Third - Teams registered above District Silver will not be accepted


General: All players (except guest players) must be registered to the team making application. No "All Star" teams or ODP teams are allowed. A team is allowed up to four guest players who must meet the age criteria for the team playing and they must be currently registered and be in good standing with their state association. . All teams must submit a preliminary roster (including jersey #, name and date of birth for each player) signed by the Association Registrar with their application to the tournament. Each team will consist of not more than eighteen players (including guest players). All players (including guest players) must be duly registered and in good standing with their respective state, provincial or national soccer associations, as per FIFA rules, and all players must have valid I.D. available. Guest players must be registered to a recreation team that plays no higher than District Silver. Guest players must be initialed on the roster by your club registrar with a note verifying that they are recreational. This is an opportunity for recreation players and registered select players cannot be added to the roster.

Check In: All teams must have a representative check in at the registration booth located at Meeker Playing Fields, at least one hour prior to playing their first game. They MUST bring with them the following information: The most Current signed team roster, with guest players added. Travel papers if you are an out of state team. Medical Release forms for each player (a sample medical release form will be posted on the web page).

Equipment: Protective orthopedic devices, prosthetic devices and any gear, equipment or appliance that is protective for a known medical condition may be worn during a game provided the device conforms to the Law 4 of the Laws of the Game. No jewelry is allowed, except properly secured medic alert tags. Shin guards are mandatory.