Norpoint Lighthouse Cup Tournament Rules

WSYSA Rules - WSYSA rules will apply, except as amended below.

FIFA Laws of the Game - All matches must be played in accordance with the FIFA Laws of the Game, except as specifically modified as follows in the tournament rules:

No Protest: No protests will be allowed and all referee decisions will be final, except those concerning the use of overage or ineligible players.

The opposing coach and referee must be notified of an overage/ineligible protest prior to leaving the field of play and the protest must be submitted in writing to the Field Coordinator within 30 minutes of the match completion. If a protest is upheld, forfeiture will be awarded for the protested match (a 1-0 victory for the non-offending team) and all previously played matches that included the overage/ineligible player

The Judiciary Committee: The Judiciary Committee will settle all protests and disputes. Decisions by the Judiciary Committee deciding a protest or dispute are final and may not be appealed.

Who is Eligible: All players must be eligible to play in their age division (including guest players). A team roster listing the jersey number, name and date of birth of each player must be carried by the coach/manager to all games for inspection by the referee. All players must also have a medical release form available at each game.


U-15: 2000 U-14: 2001 U-13: 2002 U-12: 2003 U-11: 2004

Conduct: All coaches have total responsibility for the conduct of their players, coaching staff, and team spectators. At no time shall foul or abusive language or misconduct be permitted at any field or other facilities being used for the tournament. Coaches who are either unable or unwilling to control themselves or their sidelines may be cautioned or sent off. The referee will file a written report with the tournament Judicial Committee. A copy of the report and a statement of any action will be sent to the respective state, provincial, or national office. Animals, weapons, illegal substance and alcoholic beverages are not permitted. Smoking at either Meeker or Browns Points Complexes is NOT allowed in accordance with Tacoma School District Regulations.

Termination of Play: If in the opinion of the referee, game play must be terminated for misconduct of the coach, players and/or spectators, the offending team will be charged with a loss and the score will be determined by the Judiciary committee. If, in the opinion of the referee, both teams are offending, the game will be terminated and the Judiciary committee will determine the score.

Red and Yellow Cards: Any Coach or player receiving two yellow cards or one red card in a game will be sent off from that game. In addition, said Coach or player(s) will not take part in the next game of the tournament. The Referees shall file a misconduct report with the Judiciary Committee, who shall review the report, and may, at their option, increase or decrease the suspension in accordance with WSYSA guidelines. Coaches of any player sent off must report to the Tournament Director or any member of the Judiciary Committee within sixty (60) minutes after the match. A player accumulating three yellow cards during the tournament will have to sit out the next scheduled game. A red card for violent conduct may result in either a three game suspension or elimination from further play in the tournament as determined by the Judiciary Committee. The respective state, provincial or national office of the disciplined team or player will be notified

Substitutions: All age groups will have unlimited substitution with permission of the referee.

Reporting of Scores: The referees will report the score of all games to the field coordinator after each game. The scores will then be delivered to the official scorekeepers who will post on the scoreboards.

Venues: All games will be played in NE Tacoma, Washington at the Meeker or Browns Point complex. Another site may be designated pending the approval of the Tournament Directors.

Duration of Games:

Age Preliminary Games Quarterfinals, Semis & Finals

U-11/U-12 30-Minute Halves 30-Minute Halves

U-13/U-15 30-Minute Halves 30-Minute Halves

All games will have five-minute half times unless shortened by the authority of the Field Coordinator (not the referee). If the start time of a game is more than 10 minutes behind schedule, the Field Coordinator may make a decision to shorten the game.

He/She will do so by informing the coaches, prior to the start of the game, if the game time will need to be shortened by 5 minutes for each half.

Field Coordinators will make every effort to have Semi-Final and Final games start on time and run their full length. Mandatory 5 minute water breaks may be determined by the Tournament Director based on the current conditions at the time. Each team will be notified prior to the start of each game affected by this temporary rule.

Forfeiture - A team that is more than 15 minutes late forfeits. In the case of a traffic accident or something unavoidable, the coach of the opposing team can agree to a re-schedule.

If a team wins by forfeit, they will be awarded a 1-0 win and receive 8 points.

Home Team - The Home Team is the team listed first will be responsible for uniform color change in the event of uniform color conflict.

Location of Teams and Spectators - Players and their Coaches will be located on the opposite sides of the field, spectators are welcomed to stand on the sides of the field with their respective teams. This rule may be altered if both coaches agree before the start of their respective game. No spectators will be allowed behind the Goals.

Overtime: All preliminary games will have NO OVERTIME period and may end in a tie (see scoring below). All quarter-final/semi-final games will have a winner. There will be no overtime periods for quarterfinal and semi-final games. Kicks from the mark per FIFA rules will be used if quarterfinal or semifinal games end in a draw after regulation time with the winner advancing. All Final games that end in a draw will have 2 overtime periods of 10 minutes (5 minutes for U-11 and U-12) each. If the game is still a draw after the overtime periods, kicks from the mark per FIFA rules will be used to determine the Champion and Runner-up.

Scoring for Preliminaries: The team(s) with the highest total points will advance to the quarter or semi finals. Points will be awarded as follows:

1. Win = 6 points

2. Draw = 3 points

3. Loss = 0 points

4. One point for each goal up to a maximum of 3

5. One point for a shutout

6. Minus one point for each red card issued to a player or coach.

Examples of draws - 0-0 draw = 3 points to each team (no shutouts). 1-1 draw = 4 points to each team. 2-2 draw = 5 points to each team. 3-3 draw = 6 points to each team.

Note: In the case of a "Bye" because of no show or cancellation, a score of 1-0 (8 points) will be awarded to the winning team. (The Tournament Committee will make every effort to try to find a replacement team when a cancellation such as this occurs.)

Tie Breaking:

• Head to Head competition

• Least number of goals scored against

• Difference between goals scored and goals against (limit of 3 goals for per game)

• Most number of wins

• Least number of loses

• Coin toss

When selecting more than one team using the tie breaking rules, the tie breaking rules will be re-applied from the beginning after each team is selected.

Game Balls - The tournament is responsible for supplying the game balls.

Format for year 2014 Tournament:

The Tournament reserves the right to alter the game formats to enhance competition and to improve the overall quality of the Tournament.

Examples of Brackets could be:

For 4 teams: This size bracket would only have 1 group, with every team playing every other team. The top 2 teams play in the final.

For 5 teams: This size bracket would have only 1 group, with every team playing every other team. The top 2 teams would play in the final.

For 6 teams: This size bracket would have two groups of 3 team each, with 1 cross over game for each team. The top two teams from each group will advance to the semifinal.