About Norpoint Soccer

Club Description

Norpoint Soccer Club was established in 1969 as a non-profit youth soccer organization in Pierce County providing boys and girls age 4-18 an opportunity to play and enjoy the game of soccer. Norpoint Soccer Club is also the home of NORPOINT FC, a competitive select soccer program for teams that play at various state levels.

Logo Use

The Norpoint Soccer Logo must be used as displayed below. Please do not modify the Norpoint logo without permission from Norpoint Soccer Club. If you are creating any deliverable that requires the Norpoint logo (i.e. clothing, print, web, etc.), we would be happy to assist you with the proper format to ensure the highest quality reproduction.

Low-Resolution logos for electronic use (i.e. web, email, etc.)

(1) Right-click on an image below and select "Copy". Then "Paste" into your document, or
(2) Right-click on an image below and select "Save Picture As…" and save to your computer

Norpoint Soccer Club Logo

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Lighthouse Cup Logo

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If you require a High-Resolution Logo or Vector-Based EPS Logo for print reproduction, please contact the Club Manager indicate your intended use for the logo and the format and/or color you need. The Norpoint Logo comes in Full Color, 2-Color, Grayscale, and Black & White.

Norpoint Colors