MICRO Program - U6

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Norpoint's MICRO soccer program is for boys and girls who are 4-5 years old who want to have fun and get introduced to the game of soccer. Our co-ed MICRO teams practice and play at the field next to NE Tacoma Elementary School and typically consist of 6 players on each team. Games are played three to a side (3v3), and there is no goalie. The field and goals are much smaller to allow the young players to fully experience the game. All MICRO games are played with other Norpoint teams (Intraclub). Registration for MICRO soccer typically starts in mid-April for returning players and mid-May for new players. MICRO teams use a size 3 soccer ball.

Mico Soccer… at a glance:

Age: 4-5

Division: U-6

Roster Size: 6

Field Players: 3 (no goalie)

Ball Size: 3

Game Length: 32 min

Goal Size:
6' x 6' (max: 6' x 6' | min: cones)

Field Size: 30' x 20'