MOD/REC Program - U9 to U11

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Norpoint's Modified Recreational (MOD/REC) Soccer is for boys and girls who are ages 8-10, who want to continue their soccer development to advance their recreational soccer skills and/or tryout for select soccer beginning at age 10. The goal at this age is to foster a deeper understanding of the game. Coaches focus on fundamentals and position play. Our MOD/REC teams practice and play at the field next to Browns Point Elementary School and at Meeker Middle School. There are various team sizes based on age and size of field. Games are played with a limited number of players to a side also based on age and size of fields. The field and goals are modified (smaller) to allow the players to fully develop their soccer game. Teams at this age will travel to other clubs in Tacoma Pierce County Junior Soccer Association (TPCJSA). Registration for MOD/REC soccer typically starts in mid-April for returning players and mid-May for new players. The MOD/REC season begins in September and typically goes into November. MOD/REC teams use a size 4 soccer ball. Norpoint Soccer Club provides new uniforms for all U9 players. To help keep club registration costs down, U9 players are expected to keep thier uniform for use at the U10 level. Any player new to Norpoint at the U10 level, will also receive a new uniform. All U11 teams purchase their own uniforms according to Norpoint uniform guidelines

Mod/Rec Soccer… at a glance:

Age: 8

Division: U-9

Roster Size: 9

Field Players: 5

Ball Size: 4

Game Length: 50 min

Goal Size:
12' x 6' (max: 18' x 6' | min: 8' x 6')

Field Size: 105/135' x 75/90'


Division: U-10

Roster Size: 10

Field Players: 6

Ball Size: 4

Game Length: 50 min

Goal Size:
18' x 6' (max: 18' x 6' | min: 12' x 6')

Field Size: 105/165' x 90/105'


Division: U-11

Roster Size: 14

Field Players: 9

Ball Size: 4

Game Length: 60 min

Goal Size:
21' x 7' (max: 24' x 8' | min: 21' x 7')

Field Size: 150/240' x 105/150'