Norpoint Trophy Room

Contratulations Norpoint Teams!

Our Club's Mission... is to create an environment for the development and education of players and coaches; to provide opportunities for developing and play for athletes through the Micro, Mod, and Recreational programs; to provide an opportunity for the advancement to higher levels of competition and development for those athletes who desire to play at a higher level through the Select Program; and to promote commitment to excellence of physical skills and mental discipline.

In the process of living out the Norpoint Mission, many teams experience notable success. If your Norpoint Team has experienced Victory at Tournaments & State Cup, let us know! [ Read How ]

2012 [submit your team's award]

Team Event Award
Norpoint BU11 Carmel 2012 FWSC Blast Off Tournament BU11 Champions
Norpoint BU11 Red Dragons 2012 Norpoint Lighthouse Cup BU11 Champions
Norpoint GU15 Sounders 2012 Norpoint Lighthouse Cup GU15 Champions
Norpoint BU15 AC Milan 2012 Norpoint Lighthouse Cup BU15 Champions

2011 [submit your team's award]

Team Event Award
Norpoint BU13 Milan 2011 Norpoint Lighthouse Cup BU13 Champions
Norpoint GU13 Sting 2011 Norpoint Lighthouse Cup GU13 Champions
Norpoint GU15 Wildfire 2011 Norpoint Lighthouse Cup GU15 Champions
Norpoint FC95-Strong 2011 Starfire Xtreme Cup BU16 Champions

2010 [submit your team's award]

Add Your Norpoint Victory! We would like to hear about your successes at Tournaments & State Cup. Please send the following information to with "Trophy Room" in the subject line:

  1. Year [example: 2011]
  2. Event [example: Norpoint Lighthouse Cup]
  3. Team [example: Norpoint FC95]
  4. Award [example: "Champions"]

We want to hear about regular season victories as well, but please post those on Norpoint's Facebook Fanpage, so members can enjoy them as they happen. The Trophy Room is for Tournament and State Cup Victories as well as any citizenship-based awards. Thank You!